Our Procurement, Tender & Supply Chain Management Consultancy

The development of an effective procurement and tendering strategy can successfully deliver upon our Clients aspirations, resulting in contract terms and conditions that shall ensure confidence and certainty. At Modul Consult we determine your priorities and balance these against your time, cost and quality requirements, your project conditions, the design information and the resources available for your program. We proactively manage the tendering, award and contractual needs of project, always protecting our Clients interests at every stage.


As supply chains become increasingly interconnected, complex and global with many entities working in unison to source, convert and deliver products to customers, a resilient supply chain can not only help enterprises respond swiftly and effectively to economic, technological and market disruptions, but also help them gain a competitive advantage. Our goal at Modul Consult is the ensure the development of a resilient supply chain is to minimize negative impacts of these disruptions on revenues, costs and customers.

Modul Consult’s supply chain consulting services help enterprises create and manage high-performing, resilient supply chains that drive sustained, profitable growth, even in the face of sudden, dramatic change and our team of procurement and supply chain management experts starts with a comprehensive assessment of your supply chain, assimilates your business priorities, and then develops robust supply chain strategies capable of rapidly adapting to changing business needs.