Our Financial Modelling Services

The financial structure of modular projects differs from a traditional project because most of the building is manufactured off-site. When using debt financing, this may cause a complex situation until the modules have arrived on site.  Modul Consult offer various financing solutions to overcome this temporary financing hurdle at the beginning of your project.

Modul Consult undertakes comprehensive financial modeling and analysis services, including outsourced financial analysis consulting and automated financial modeling. Our financial modeling and analysis services include:

  1. Financial Modelling: Our financial models can help you assess new business opportunities, raise capital, and analyze other crucial aspects related to investments.
  2. Cash Flow Analysis: Our three-statement model compiles your balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income statement into a single financial model. We have modeling presets gained from significant modeling experience that ensure quick and accurate triple-statement analysis and modeling.
  3. Pro-Forma Financials: Whether it is balance sheets, income statements or even cash flow statements; at MMC Global, we can help you with any of your financial projections.
  4. Discounted Cash Flow Modelling: We have expert valuation techniques here at MMC Global, and you can be sure that you will always obtain an accurate value of your investments based on cash flows in the future. We use accurate discount rates to provide precise investment values obtained from a robust cash-flow model.
  5. Market Research: Our research is aimed at keeping up with the latest changes in the market and analyzing how newer developments can impact your business.
  6. Feasibility Analysis: A new business opportunity needs a good financial feasibility study; our experts are here to analyze your opportunities and help you make an informed business decision.
  7. Capital Formation: Right from the amount of capital required to the appropriate sources of capital, we can assist with capital formation strategies and identifying the smartest ways to gather finance.