Future of Construction Industry

Modular construction technology is changing the way we build. With its green footprint, advanced quality and time saving, modularization brings unprecedented advantages to our impact on our planet. Modul Consult aspires to help carry this technology into the future.


Who are Modul Consult

Our team at Modul Consult is comprised of wide range of construction industry experts with extensive international project experience offering a wide range of specialist services. We shall provide you detailed end-to-end services to ensure the development of adaptive, disruptive Modular Construction Solution for your project.


Modul Consult understands the construction industry in detail and has a proven track record of successfully delivering projects across the globe. We have an established and extensive network of senior level relationships with key industry stakeholders. Using our experience and expertise, we apply our core skills and in-depth knowledge to your project to ensure the delivery of results and services to your satisfaction, and through the use of lean processes and particularly within the modular development market, sustainability practices and ensuring our Clients achieve tangible benefits of the “value for money benefits borne of modularisation”.